How to make an order

1.     Add your favorite product to the basket, issue an order.

2.     After receiving the order, I contact you, and we specify the details of the work. In the case of ordering a character from a photo, you need to send a photo of the person (full face) on which the product is made, also you can voice wishes (for example: color of clothes, cat in hand, etc.).
You also provide this information after personal communication.

3.     Perhaps you will be more convenient to place an order through the social network, all the works submitted on the site are duplicated in the group. You can make an order through messages in a group or a personal message to the author.

4.     Also you can place an order by e-mail, sending me an email to
In the letter it is necessary to indicate the names (articles) of the goods you selected and their quantity, as well as information about yourself - name and phone number.

5.     Next, I make the product (the production date is specified in the product description). After the work is ready, I send you a photo of the finished product, and if you like, we agree on the delivery.


·        Samples are not for sale. All work is done only to order on the samples on the site. Due to the fact that this is hand-painted - 100% repetition is impossible, the ordered product may differ slightly from the photo on the site, so after manufacturing, I will necessarily send you a photo of the finished work (no «cat in the bag»).

Let this fact not upset you, if only because the samples are a sketch, and its copy to order will be better and more accurate in execution.

·        Each work has its own production time, it is listed in the product description. If the product you need at a certain date, consider this point in advance.