Care of products

To enjoy the product as long as possible, please familiarize yourself with the rules of caring for handmade products:

1.     Do not store in one box with chains, earrings, rings, they can leave scratches on the lacquer coating of the product. It is desirable to store the product separately in a bag or in a bag, away from humidity and direct sunlight (wear in sunny weather can and should be, just do not sunbathe with it).

2.     If the product is dirty, it can be gently wiped with a damp soft cloth soaked in soapy water (I rub it with a cotton pad). When wiping, do not rub the product too much, do not use the coarse side of the sponge or paper towel - it can also leave scratches on the surface of the product.

3.     To avoid chipping, do not drop the product.

4.     The product is covered with a durable water-repellent varnish, so if you hit it under a heavy downpour, it's okay! Wipe dry with a soft cloth and put in a dry place. But I still do not recommend swimming with him.

5.     Do not wear the product on your naked body, put it on top of clothing!